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Sim Racing (short for simulated racing) is the collective term used for computer software that tries to simulate auto racing. These games are useful for those who would like to practice a real-world competition or simply for entertainment. Generally speaking, these kinds of applications are not as popular as arcade-style games however there are some which have proven to have achieved world fame, although they can not be played simply with a mouse, keyboard or joystick control.

Simulated Environment

 In order to be competitive, a driver should acknowledge that there are several variables set in motion, such as fuel usage, tire wear, suspension settings, damage, and grip. The things that distinguish sim racing from other driving games are all the aspects that make racing so difficult and challenging in the real world. The latter is designed to be easily driven by novices, whilst the former replicates more accurate physics, making the cars much more unforgiving and the drivers much more prone to using the same set of skills and techniques a real race car driver would use. The car will spin out of your control, provided you do take into consideration following a good racing line and not pushing it beyond its limits. The driver should keep the car well balanced and develop good race-craft in order to achieve the best results.


Sim Racing Games

The earliest attempts to create a simulated racing game were the arcade racing video games such as Pole Position (developed in 1982), which was a hit back then due to its realism and driving experience. Nonetheless, this type of racing game has really taken off in 1989 with Indianapolis 500: The Simulation, by Papyrus Design Group.  The niche was started with games such as Grand Prix Legends, GTR2 or Richard Burns Rally.

A new level of realism of physics and also graphics were brought on by graphics accelerator cards, which provided texture mapping, particle effects, HDR and antialiasing. In 2008 iRacing was released which ran on a subscription model and was multiplayer-oriented. This is an example of a quite good Sim Racing software, developed as a centralized racing, utilizing the latest technologies. If you are a racing enthusiast, you will be thrilled to find out that this game has a robust lineup of cars and tracks, providing the racers, thus, with an unmatched immersion into a very effective training tool, unlike any other. The most popular games, nowadays, are iRacing, Automobilista, rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa, Raceroom Racing Experience and StockCar Extreme.

The term is also used for communities and leagues. As the interest grew, in the most recent years, the community grew as well, acting as a focal point for coordinating racing schedules and several discussions about the games. It is of really high interest for the amateur and professional race car drivers because it creates the most realistic virtual experience.

Whether you are looking forward to a great competition or would like to play by yourself in this virtual Motorsport niche, all you need are a computer or a gaming console and a very good internet connection.

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