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How else could we best explain their popularity but not for the need for speed? When picking the best and newest racing games on the market, there are many elements which add up: the needed skill and expertise, graphical fidelity and sound design. This genre is not only pleasant and entertaining for casual players, but it’s also useful for those who would like to practice a real-world virtual competition. A quality racing game needs to feel right and pull you into the action, challenging the sim players to acknowledge the several variables set in motion, such as fuel usage, suspension settings, grip, tire wear, and damage.

So, whether we are talking about an arcade thriller or a sim racing game, there are many amazing games just waiting to be played. Some of them are designed to be easily driven by novices, whilst others replicate more accurate physics, shaving milliseconds off a lap time, thus making the cars much more unforgiving and the drivers much more prone to use the same techniques and set of skills that a real race car driver would use. A new level of realism of graphics and physics were brought, providing texture mapping, HDR and particle effects, when the graphics accelerator cards appeared on the stage.


An example of quite good Sim Racing software, iRacing was released in 2008, utilizing the latest technologies. This game has a robust lineup of cars and tracks and runes on a subscription model, having been developed as a centralized racing. You will be surely thrilled to find out that it is multiplayer-oriented and, thus, it can provide an unmatched immersion into a very effective training tool, unlike any other, to the racing enthusiasts.

Forza Motorsport 4

Released in 2011, it’s one of the best all-around racing games ever made thanks to its engaging handling system, old-Top Gear integration and its perfect balance between accessibility and difficulty. The smallest details of the car have been impressively thought of, offering, in this way, a really nice feeling and experience of a simulation game.

GT Sport (PS4 only)

One of the most expansive racing games ever made, it looks great, having tones of cars and tracks, ass well as some of the best graphics we’ve seen so far. The multiplayer focus is great as well, giving it a well-rounded feel.

Dirt Rally

Dirt 3 Rally has actually been surpassed by this Codemaster gorgeous masterpiece with arcadey touches, which is, beyond any doubt, the best one we have seen on the market in years. The strategy element, the dirt tracks, the endurance tests, and resource management, these are all details that helped create a big community among the genre lovers that regularly tries to improve its core game. Car skins, lighting and a more authentic handling model create a nice vibe, which makes it a proper rally game with slidey sideways driving.

 Forza Horizon 3

An open world full of destruction makes it so much funnier, as you will be able to drive hitting garden fences and causing mayhem.



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