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If you are passionate with your car, beyond doubt, you ought not to miss any event related to the four-wheel monsters. When it comes to getting to see a beautiful car on the road, there’s nothing quite like attending a great race. The most exciting events offer you the fine possibility of seeing incredible, must-see ones up close. So, pin the dates on your calendar and head to one of the following racing events! The UK has a lot of this cream of the crop automobile events, so make sure to let all your friends know where the next one is going to be.


Chichester, 7-9th of September 2018

Head-to-head racing between rare cars, famous drivers, and different products and services will also be showcased. Just like a time capsule, this romantic event features a period-dress code, magically reviving the past. This golden era type of circuit is organized by The Goodwood Estate Company Limited at the Goodwood Aerodrome. Getting to experience the 1940s, 50s, and 60s at this show gives it a very special and glamorous vibe, offering an interesting possibility to the visitors.


Manchester, 15-16th September 2018

Here you will find, on the outside, the live rally auction, taking place three times a day. Of course, you can enjoy seeing the motorsport icons, as well as some of the fastest rally cars. We recommend that you do check out this great event in the UK! In case you are going alone, you might think it over. There are many escorts in the area which can accompany you and make the races even more interesting. If you would like to have some fun, you can easily find an excellent one to suit a single man at this type of entertainment, as there are a lot of professional escort agencies all around the UK.


Knockhill, 15-16th September 2018

At the same time, another great event is to take place, in celebration of the complex era of the British Touring Car Championship. There will be a separate class for Group A cars and we see important names appearing on the lists, such as Gabriele Tarquini or Frank Biela.


Wales, 4-7th of October 2018

With classic forest tests, the eleventh round of the 2018 FIA World Rally Championship blasts off at Tir Prince Raceway and continues with a continuous rallying action on an exciting new route. Proving to be one of the most legendary and popular events, it covers a total distance of 318.34 km, from Thursday evening to Sunday afternoon. The grand finale will take place at Llandudno, where the winner will be crowned on the Promenade, near a famous seafront resort.

Castle Combe Autumn Classic Challenge

Wiltshire, 6th of October 2018

Another high-speed circuit which has a historical charm (67 years, to be more exact). For 2018 the news is that the Pre-66 Touring Cars Race is being launched, held in memory of Terry Sanger, a hero throughout the 1960s. With more than 100 eligible cars in the UK, they want to attract a 30-car grid.







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